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May/June 2024
Thinking Outside The Dispenser Since 2001

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor

"Scores!" Says He: April 2024
VPC: Year Five Has Arrived!
Thirty Years A Pezhead: A Collector Reflects (Part 1)
Some Pez Room Updates: Uncustomary Customs
Pez Poetry, And By The Way, May The Fourth Be With You

Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor | top

Hello and happy May from Pezhead Monthly!

The big news in April in the Pez world was the return of the Virtual Pez Convention (VPC). The April VPC kicked off Year Five and was as fun as it's always been, featuring room tours, games, giveaways, and more. Hosts Landon Proctor and Morgan Rhinehart pulled it off again and I thank them for their time and efforts in making the event such a success. There were also some great prizes donated by members of the Pez community. I write more about my experiences at the April VPC later in this issue.

I've also been doing a bit of reorganizing in my Pez room. As any Pezhead can understand, it's an ongoing process. My focus this past month was on my custom display, consolidating a few groups as well as setting some monsters free to roam the countryside (or at least my IKEA Detolf cabinet). With some new guests coming to visit in a month or so, I'm sure I'll do a bit more tidying up in there.

Looking ahead to May, Mother's Day is coming up and Pez.com released an online exclusive Crystal Panda for the holiday. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing it's not only sold out, but also retired. But I'm sure it will be available on eBay, Facebook, and conventions for quite a while. Later in the month, we're expecting a new dispenser for Memorial Day, and coming up soon after that will be new dispensers for Father's Day, as well as Independence Day in the US. All of these will be online exclusives, so I'd recommend keeping an eye on Pez.com as well as joining the Facebook groups Let's Talk Pez and Pez Community to be among the first to be alerted of the new releases.

Pez convention/gathering season is also kicking into high gear. Coming up very soon, on May 18 to be exact, is the Maryland Pez Gathering in Woodlawn, Maryland. Then later in June, there will be 2 Pez conventions happening on the same weekend: the Michigan Pez Convention in suburban Detroit, Michigan and the P.I.G. Hi5 in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio. I registered for both of these conventions, but I am not sure if I'll be able to attend either of them due to other travel plans, so I may have to settle for the absentee packs for both of them. I will, however, definitely be attending Pezamania in July in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

This issue of Pezhead Monthly is a special double issue, covering both May and June. And let me tell you, it's pretty jam packed. Kicking things off is a cover image that Pezzifies the cover of the new Taylor Swift album, which includes a tiny Easter egg in the form of the Pez dispenser being held in the picture. Did you figure it out yet? Here's a hint: the dispenser is a likeness of the 12th president of the United States. There's also a variant cover image that adds an appropriate title to a picture featured elsewhere in the issue. This issue also features the first in a 3-part series of my look back at 30 years as a Pez collector. In this month's installment, I take a stroll down memory lane to recall (as best I can without many pictures to remind me) my humble Pezhead beginnings as a college student, as well as my discovery of Pezamania and the start of Pezhead Monthly. I also provide a recap of my experience at the April VPC, including a brief tease of the performance of my Pez poem, "The GOAT", which was featured in last month's issue. In addition, there is a rundown of my April scores and a feature about some recent updates to my Pez room, specifically of my custom displays. And finally, there is a special all-Star Wars edition of Pez Poetry, along with a new animated GIF and a link to the updated Pezhead Monthly Star Wars page. May the Fourth Be With You!

Pezhead Monthly will be taking June off to catch a breather, especially after this very busy current issue. Whether you plan on attending one of the conventions and gatherings in the next couple of months or not, I hope your Pez world, and your world beyond Pez, is a great one. See you in July!

Thanks as always for reading Pezhead Monthly. Take care and see you soon!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

P.S. Did you miss last month's issue? You can still read it here. To search the full Pezhead Monthly archives, hop on over to the archive page, where you can browse by feature, Pez Poetry Slam, or issue. There's also a Google search bar to help you search the content across the site. And hey, maybe you would like to submit some words, photos, artwork, or videos to Pezhead Monthly to be featured in an upcoming issue? That would be great! Check out the submission details here.

"Scores!" Says He: April 2024 | top

My April Pez scores may not have been as voluminous as my February or March scores, but there was nonetheless a nice variety of Pez goodies that was added to my collection

From Target.com, after several unsuccessful tries at a few local Target stores, I picked up the new exclusive Target promotional hauler.

From the Pez Outlaw himself, Steve Glew, I picked up 3 new custom pieces: the Silver Glow Pez Outlaw (commemorating 30 years of Pez Outlaw), Cowboy Pez Outlaw, and Orange Make-A-Pez Outlaw

From the talented artist Mike Herz, I picked up his newest creation, a custom rendering of MAD Magazine's mascot, Alfred E. Neuman. Mike did a really fantastic job as always, and pictures do not do it justice.

From the one and only John LaSpina, I picked up the Original Collector's Price Guide to Pez, 35th edition. This price guide is considered one of the most reliable guides for Pez prices out there. John puts a lot of work into this price guide and I plan to use it when putting together my wish list for Pezamania and any other in-person conventions or gatherings I attend this year, and for pricing my own stuff should I choose to sell some of my extras.

From one of my Facebook Pez groups, I picked up the 2 versions of Phyrges, the Paris 2024 Olympic mascots. These include the Olympics mascot (with white smile) and the Paralympics mascot (with black smile). Numerous people had noted that they were not packed well on cards, and as a result did not ship well. So I went ahead and bought them loose to display with my other sports dispensers.

From the fine folks at the Virtual Pez Convention (VPC), I scored the April 2024 VPC dispenser, which is a custom cupcake dispenser celebrating 5 years of the VPC. The dispenser is well made and came with other goodies, including stickers, pins, a patch, and a postcard. The VPC was once again a great time and I provide a recap elsewhere in this issue.

Speaking of the VPC, on the homemade front, I made 4 custom goat Pez dispensers. These are non-functional and were designed as pretty last-minute props for my Pez poetry VPC segment, but I can dig them. And hey, fun fact, I am a Capricorn! So it all ties together.

And lastly, from Pez.com, I picked up some good stuff. For starters, I got the new Barbie 2-pack, which marked my first 2-pack of 2024. I also picked up the 4 new Space Mission Pez: Silver Astronaut, Gold Astronaut, Space Shuttle, and Mars Rover. As I noted in last month's issue, Pez first released the dispensers in a "party pack," but the packs ended up not being evenly distributed and many people got fewer (or none) of the Mars Rover dispenser. I am glad I did not get the party pack and was quite happy when the individual dispensers went on sale in April. And finally, I picked up the newest exclusive Pez.com dispenser: the Lemon Presenter Girl. She joins the Cherry Presenter Girl, which came out in January, and rumor has it that next up in line is the Orange Presenter Girl. Looking forward to it for sure!

Here is a picture of my April scores. You can click on it for a larger view.

VPC: Year Five Has Arrived! | top

The Virtual Pez Convention (VPC) kicked off Year Five in April, and it was a grand occasion that I was thrilled to be a part of.

That's right, since April 2020, convention hosts Morgan Rhinehart and Landon Proctor have given us Pezheads a chance to get together virtually for room tours, games, seminars, and more. At first the VPC was the only convention around, given that COVID prevented in-person conventions and gatherings for a while. As things got closer to normal and in-person conventions and gatherings gradually took shape again, the VPC kept on rollin', and occupies its own unique place in the Pez convention world. It allows Pezheads from all over the country and the world to gather and to get a peek into many different Pez rooms and in the process play games and have fun. And it also funds the VPC Scholarship Fund, which is a great charity that helps students succeed at college.

Photo courtesy of Virtual Pez Convention

The April VPC kicked off with a tour of my Pez pal Andrea Smith-Gage. Along with Justin Hansen, Andrea is co-host of the Pez Collection Podcast (which I have been on) and is one of the warmest and kindest Pezheads I've met in person. Andrea's tour showcased her love and support of artists in the Pez community, such as Fever Blister, Cameron Smith, and more. She had some unique approaches to sorting her Pez displays, such as putting all Peter Pez pieces together (regardless if they were dispensers, POP+Pez, party favors, etc.), and similarly for Pez Girl and others. She also showed us some plastic magnifiers for some of the smaller Pez items out there, such as Alma's miniatures. (Here is an Amazon link for those interested.) A big highlight of her tour was a Yoda Pez dispenser signed by the one and only Frank Oz! This is a big deal because Frank signs items very rarely. It's a prized piece in Andrea's collection for sure!

A new thing that the VPC did this time around was to look back at previous tour hosts to catch up on how their collections and displays have grown. This included Misty Hunt, who showed her fantastic steampunk custom Pez, some large wooden and metal painted pieces, some blacklight art, and more. Misty also talked about her upcoming trip to Burning Man, where she will be showing a special display of custom Pez dispensers and other Pez art called "The Dispezery." She showed some sketches of her plans for it at VPC, and also said that she plans on doing a Facebook Livestream when she's at Burning Man. That will be great!

VPC also checked back in with 2 other former tour hosts. Andrew White, whose first VPC appearance was at 9 or 10 years and now at 14 years, showed off his growing collection, including lots of giants. There was also Doug Reimold, whose room was filled with some Pez stands, a Less Than Jake section, some fun prototypes, the occasional wandering grandson and cat, and lots more. These tours were both a lot of fun, and deserve more space than they're getting here, but in my defense, I was eating dinner on and off during the room tours and was not always diligent in keeping up with everything or taking detailed notes. But, all VPC segments are recorded, so when the videos go live in the next few months, I'll be sure to link to them here on the pages of Pezhead Monthly.

A really cool VPC segment was a 3D printing presentation by Tom Schlafer. I've seen Tom and his wife Ilona at numerous Pez conventions and they are great and fun people (and by the way live near my hometown of Rochester, NY!) Tom gives away some of his work as swag at conventions. I've gotten a custom Bat signal puck as well as a cool animal skeleton head that has not made its way to a stem yet (but let's be honest, it will probably be a Batman stem). In his presentation, Tom explained the difference between filament printers and resin printers and showed his various custom pieces. Two of my favorites were custom Star Wars pieces: an AT-AT and a TIE Fighter! And, these were both fully functioning Pez dispensers! Tom explained the time and money needed for the hobby and said that there is a lot of information out there in Facebook groups and elsewhere. It's a hobby I've considered getting into but not sure if I'd be able to devote enough time to it at this point. But the best part about Tom's presentation is at the top of it, he started printing a 3D head to fit on a dispenser, and by the time he finished, the printing job was complete. It was none other than Sam the Eagle, and it was in fact a giveaway later on in the VPC! Thanks again to Tom for a delightful presentation.

Pez collector Chad Davis, a great guy who is also the father of the talented Pez artist Emily Davis, showed off one of his other collections, specifically his collection of non-Pez candy containers. (To get an idea of what these are, check out this web page that shows British Star Wars candy dispensers.) There were lots of really cool things to see here. My favorites were roller skates, Toxic Avenger, Robocop, and Alf (all of which, it should be noted, have not been on official Pez dispensers). Chad showed both his collection of loose containers as well as some rare boxes that he's either picked up as a complete set, or has built himself. This was a really fun tour and it definitely looks like another fun hobby to get into, filled with many different characters and variations.

The spotlight tour for the April VPC was Chris Jordan. Chris is one of the most well-known, respected, and beloved members of the Pez community. She's been a Pezhead of the Year and also happens to run the Pez Collectors Store business and website, which has been the source of most of the Pez display stands in my Pez room, the vast majority of the shoes for my non-footed dispensers, many (many) of my convention and online Pez purchases, and may I also say many birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's Day gifts to me from my lovely wife. I've seen Chris at Pez conventions since I first started attending them in 2001. She is a warm and funny person, very knowledgeable about the hobby and always willing to help other people out.

I'll preface my notes on Chris's tour by saying I only was able to catch bits and pieces of it, as I was busy on and off prepping for my own VPC segment, which I'll get to later. This recap only scratches the surface of Chris's tour and there was a lot more to it. As with the other tours I mention above, I am very much looking forward to seeing the recording of her tour when it becomes available later.

Chris kicked off her spotlight tour by noting that she originally started as an enabler for her son Kyle. She's since acquired most of his collection, and started the tour off in his room. She continued on to another room where she showed the photo staging area for all of the Pez Collector Store pictures, presumably like this one or this one. I found this behind-the-scenes peek fascinating, but it was nothing compared to what she showed later in the tour.

Chris has quite a cool claim to fame: one of her Pez dispensers was featured in the movie "Ant-Man and the Wasp"! Specifically, it was a Hello Kitty dispenser (The great Pez Pals blog has a feature on this here.) Chris said that she sent the film production 3 different Hello Kitty dispensers and she was not sure which of them was used, but she did show all 3 of them in her tour. With her daughter Bethany performing camera duties, Chris continued on through her house and there was Pez everywhere and it was really impressive to see. She mentioned that due to spacing, she does not display mosty common dispensers from the year 2000 forward. But she did show us some fun prototypes, including a Finding Nemo fish tank with a question mark in place of one of the character heads. She also showed a Power Pez prototype, an Elvis tin prototype, and more.

She also told quite the tale of a pyramid of Pez candy that her daughter Bethany made for her. The pyramid consisted of many different Pez candies that were super glued together. Unfortunately, while making the pyramid, the super glue got into Bethany's lungs and she ended up being hospitalized for it. She said to this day she still has occasional problems breathing. The pyramid looked great but that was a pretty scary story for sure.

Chris closed out her tour by taking us to the warehouses where she stores the inventory for her website. It was really incredible to see all of that Pez, stacked so high, aisle after aisle. And it was all so very well organized. At one point Bethany noted that she had a fear would come out to one of the warehouses to find her mother under a collapsed file of Pez boxes. While she may have been joking, I could definitely see that happening! Chris showed us 2 of her 3 warehouses during the tour. Perhaps we'll get to see the third one on her next tour!

Thank you, Chris, for a very memorable VPC tour.

And laatly, I had the honor and privilege to be the next on the agenda after Chris. As has been the case for the last few VPCs, hosts Landon and Morgan graciously reserved a few minutes for "Poetry Corner with Joe Durrant", where I read one of my original Pez poems, rattle off some pretty bad puns, and usually wear some silly costume. This time around, in the spirit of the Pez poem I read called "The GOAT" (which was in last month's issue), I donned a goat hat. In the foreground were 4 custom goat dispensers I made from finger puppets, that were put together at the last minute but turned out pretty well. And on top of that, I had a goat hand puppet! Fun fact, the hand puppet was actually a golf club cover. I had planned to put it on a giant Pez dispenser, but the neck reached down to almost the entire length of the giant dispenser, and I realized it would work better as a hand puppet.

I'll be sure to share the whole video of my Pez poetry VPC segment. For now, here is a very brief tease of the setup, and a tip o' the hat to the fantastic band Gaelic Storm for the music.

Direct link here

Throughout the VPC, there were lots of giveaways and the event ended with 5 big games of Pez bingo, with prizes including Pez art, Pez convention prizes, European dispensers, vintage pieces, and more. While I did not win any prizes, I had a really great time as always. It's always fun to hang out with Pezheads. There's always something new to learn about and be amazed by, plenty of laughs and good times. Even when it's virtual, the Pez community is real!

Thanks again to Morgan and Landon for another great VPC. I am not sure how you're able to plan the VPC (2 per year!) alongside the world's biggest Pez convention, Pezamania, but somehow you do it and you do it well. Thanks also for another great convention dispenser (a custom Cupcake Pez, which I show elsewhere in this issue along with my other April scores). Thanks also to all of the tour hosts and seminar presenters who bring us into your homes and give us a glimpse of your collections. And, as always, I am very appreciative to be given a spot on the VPC agenda to share my silly little Pez poems.

Here's to VPC's Year Five! And many more!

Thirty Years A Pezhead: A Collector Reflects (Part 1) | top

It's quite hard to believe that 2024 marks 30 years in my life as a Pez collector. For over 60% of my life, Pez has been a part of it. I thought I'd take this opportunity to look back at my 30 years as a Pezhead. I'll be breaking this apart across 3 separate issues of Pezhead Monthly, each covering a 10-year span.

This month, I'll focus on the first 10 years, 1994-2004.

I started collecting Pez as a freshman at Niagara University in Niagara Falls, NY. I must confess that I actually don't remember what my first Pez dispenser was! It very well may have been Dino from The Flintstones, but I can't say for sure. But I do remember going to the local Tops supermarket and being immediately transfixed by the rack of Pez dispensers in bulk foods department. I'd return there often to pick up a few at a time: Ninja Turtles, Disney, Bugs Bunny, trucks, whistles, superheroes, and more. Little by little my collection grew on one of the shelves in my dorm room. And then something magical happened: I crossed the border to Canada one day, and for the first of many times over these past 30 years, my Pez world expanded quite drastically. You see, back then Canada carried European Pez dispensers, so when I went into my Canadian candy store of choice (which was usually Candy Safari at Niagara-on-the-Lake), I was greeted with Smurfs, Pink Panther, Kooky Zoo, and so many others that were not available in the US. My collection continued to grow and grow.

At some point during my freshman year, a group of my fellow college students noticed this new hobby of mine starting up. So four or five of them chipped in and bought me a Snoopy Pez dispenser. It was at this point that I started to realize that this Pez thing was really getting to be a part of me: if other people say the joy and happiness that it brought me and went so far as to gift me a Pez dispenser, then I thought that was a big deal. Here is a picture of that Snoopy dispenser. It's missing some paint (from all of the times that it fell off my shelf) but it means the world to me.

And believe it or not, Snoopy was not the only Pez I was gifted with at Niagara by someone who knew how much of a Pezhead I was becoming. In my senior year I was given (yes, given!) my first ever vintage Pez, Roar The Lion. Back then I did not know much at all about the wild world of vintage Pez, but I definitely knew it was special. To this day I still owe you a world of thanks, Marty!

In December 1994, I wrote a letter to PEZ Candy, Inc. expressing my love of Pez. And wouldn't you know it, the very next month, PEZ Candy, Inc. wrote back to me! This was another early sign that Pez had started to take a hold of me. Here are pictures of both letters; you can click on both for a larger view.

My letter to PEZ Candy, Inc. also mentions a speech I made about Pez in college. I still have that speech on VHS video tape. One of these days I will convert that speech to a web-friendly video and post it here on the pages of Pezhead Monthly.

I regret to say that I don't have pictures of my Pez collection in its very early years at Niagara University. Trust me, I've been looking pretty hard for them over the past few months. I guess it just didn't occur to me to take pictures of my collection. But here are a few Pez-related pictures from those wonderful college years. The first one is of me about 1 year into my life as a Pez collector. While no dispensers are in the picture, I am wearing a Pez t-shirt, so I guess that's something? The second picture is of my dorm room door, 1-2 years into my life as a Pez collector. It has the words "Pez Forever" spelled out in Pez candy wrappers. (As luck would have it, I had no roommate at the time, otherwise they may have objected to this truly heartfelt door decoration.) The last picture is 2-3 years into my life as a Pez collector. It's me in a homemade Batman Pez costume, made out of poster board, I made for Halloween. I go into a bit more detail about my adventures in this costume in the October 2001 issue of Pezhead Monthly.

After those first formative years at Niagara University, life moved pretty fast. My Pez collection moved back home with me to suburban Rochester, NY, then to an apartment in downtown Rochester, and then eventually out to Indiana with my native Hoosier girlfriend at the time (who, by the way, was with me for almost my entire first 10 years as a Pez collector and was one of the earliest supporters of my hobby). I've lived in Indiana for the past 24 years, in various places in and around Indianapolis. Below is the earliest picture I was able to find of my collection, from April 2001. I am sure I had a few more things that could not fit in this curio cabinet, but this is a good representation of my collection at the time. It's a little hard to make out everything, but note that back then I still kept my European dispensers on card. These days, they're pretty much all set free except for some of the rarer ones.

Speaking of 2001, this was truly a landmark year in my time as a Pez collector. For starters, I had tinkered around with the idea of combining my love of creative writing with my love of Pez, and had come up with the idea of "interviewing" a Pez dispenser. Perhaps something might come of that someday?

Around that same time, in early July 2001, I learned of a convention in Cleveland that was set to take place in a matter of 2 weeks. That's right, I'm talking about the one and only Pezamania! I frantically got some stuff together, registered for the convention and got my hotel room, and before I knew if I was on my way to Cleveland for the biggest upgrade that I'd ever experienced as a Pez collector.

In fact, I'm not sure another Pez experience to date even comes close to attending my first Pez convention, in terms of how much of an impact it had on me. Keep in mind this was before Facebook or Twitter. There was the Yahoo! Pez List (which is how I learned about Pezamania) and I think maybe the Pez Community Forums (although those might have come after my first Pezamania). So I knew there was a community of collectors out there. But it was not until I attended in person that I truly realized I was among my people, those who loved Pez as much as I did. It was a chance to learn from experts, to share stories and laughs, and to behold for the first time not just a random vintage Pez, but rooms FULL of them. I gazed upon dispensers worth thousands of dollars! I got to play Pez bingo!

For those of you who may have just recently attended your first Pez convention, or perhaps your thirtieth Pez convention, you know exactly what I am talking about. Although social media sites like Facebook do make the Pez world a little smaller, it can't beat the feeling of attending a Pez convention in person. I've attended every Pezamania since Pezamania 11 in 2001 (except for one year when my wife and I closed on our house), and have attended many other conventions and gatherings too. But it all started at that wondrous Holiday Inn, and the Pez song parody I wrote before attending Pezamania 12 in 2002 sums it up quite nicely.

When I came home from Pezamania, I wanted to share my experiences at this amazing convention with others. Also in the back of my mind was that idea of combining my love of creative writing and my love of Pez. And then it hit me: why not create a website that talked about my life as a Pezhead, and also had some creative writing thrown in there for good measure?

And with this, PEZHEAD MONTHLY was born! I registered for a free web page on Dale Pike's collectingpez.com, and the first issue contained a recap of my adventures at Pezamania, an interview with the Homer Simpson Pez dispenser, the first Pez Almost-Quote, a look at the month in Pez, and the first Pez haiku. Here is how Pezhead Monthly originally looked in its very early days. Yes, it's true! PezheadMonthly.com was not always the cutting-edge spectacle of technology that it is today.

I maintained "joe.collectingpez.com" until March 2002. Then I purchased the domain name for pezheadmonthly.com, and the rest is history. Some highlights of Pezhead Monthly's early years include the first Pez song parodies in December 2001, the first appearance of Petey O'Jay in March 2002, and the first Pez Poetry Slam in April 2002. Each of these features, and many more, helped me express my growing love for Pez in different, creative ways. To this day, more than 20 years since I started it, Pezhead Monthly continues to help me grow as a Pezhead.

With my Pez collection growing and my Pez world expanding far beyond my curio cabinet, and with Pezhead Monthly just starting to take off, I still had no idea what was in store for me down the road. The next 10 years would take me to new Pez conventions (and a Pez museum!), start my Pez autograph collection, introduce me to the awesomeness of Jungle Jim's, and eventually take me to the Pez Visitor's Center and a tour of the factory. Read about all of this and more in Part 2 of "Thirty Years A Pezhead: A Collector Reflects"!

Some Pez Room Updates: Uncustomary Customs | top

I recently updated some shelves in my Pez room, in particular some of the shelves that display my custom Pez in my IKEA Detolf cabinets and a particularly fun new display area in my Batcave. Here is a bit more about these updates, along with some pictures.

For starters, I decided to consolidate all of my custom chrome dispensers into a single display, except for my Batman chromes, which are taking up permanent residence in the Batcave. Most of the chromes came from my main display of loose Pez on the opposite side of my Pez room, specifically my Star Wars and superhero shelves. It was nice to move them all over to their own separate display, and as a bonus this freed up some room in my main display for future scores. It's a win-win!

I also decided to free some chromes from bags from previous conventions, some going all the way back to my second Pez convention ever, Pezamania 12. I was OK doing this because these were not the official dispensers from those conventions, just some extra dispensers that I purchased while I was there. Free, free, set them free!

Check out my new custom chrome display!

Next up, I created a new shelf dedicated to my awesome Mike Herz custom pieces, and specifically the Classic Monsters series that he started last year and continued to add to this year. I also freed most of them from their custom cards (but I'm still keeping the empty cards in storage). Let me tell you, this shelf is amazing and I am so glad I set these guys free. And there is plenty of room on the shelf as I continue to acquire new Classic Monsters from Mike. Also, here's a fun detail I only noticed when freeing the Classic Monsters from their cards: King Kong's head is actually fuzzy! So cool.

The Classic Monsters were previously on another shelf with more of Mike's custom creations, but that shelf was getting a bit cramped. Now the other pieces, such as Uncle Sam, Howard the Duck, COVID Santa Claus, and more have a bit more room to breathe.

Have a look at my new Classic Monster shelf. And thanks again, Mike!

Next, with my Pez pal Topher starting up his custom painted Pez again this year, my own Topher collection has grown as well. There are now some new mascots, spaceships and astronauts, as well a particularly sweet Batman mascot Pez and some other Batman pieces that are in my Batcave. I decided to move most of my non-Batman Topher pieces to be on consecutive shelves, except for a few that did not fit and had to be displayed elsewhere. I also did a bit of reorganization to keep most of the similar pieces together, such as the mascots.

Here are some pictures of my 3 main Topher shelves! Thanks again to Topher for all of these amazing works of art.

And last but certainly not least, I added a new display area to my Batcave. My Batcave, for those unfamiliar, is a very special cabinet in my Pez room where I used to keep all of my official and custom loose Batman Pez and POP+Pez. I say "used to" because, as both my official and custom Batman Pez collection continues to grow, I moved the official ones out on to an IKEA Billy just outside of the Batcave. Now the Batcave is 100% custom Batman Pez and may I say it looks quite groovy.

The new Batcave display area has been on my to-do list for a while and I finally got around to putting it together last month. I am proud to announce my CUSTOM BAT CAPE display! These capes came from a variety of places over the years, such as conventions, Facebook, eBay, and more. Some were then painted by talented artists in the Pez community like Topher and Cam Art. As for the dispensers that don the capes, those are all customs and/or head swaps as well, except for 2 black Batman A dispensers. Many of the dispensers in this display were painted by Topher and were previously on another shelf in the Batcave, but matched up quite well to the cape colors and so were moved to the cape display. (This also frees up more room on the other shelves for even more Batman customs. Speaking of which, I need to make a call to Topher soon!). And for the icing on the cake of this display, I also added the custom Robin dispenser that I picked up from Mike Herz.

Behold, my custom Bat cape display!

Pez Poetry, And By The Way, May The Fourth Be With You | top


There once was a Pezhead named Vader,
A dreadful, imposing dictator,
But alas, this dark Sith
Found his true joy with
His Pez, for there was nothing greater.

Pez Haiku #179

My Star Wars display
May not contain vintage Pez,
But it takes me back.

A Force of Their Own

So there I was, eating at Qdoba,
And thinking about my homeboy Boba.
His first Pez appearance was in '98,
That Fett, you bet he was truly great.

And just last week, watching Butthead and Beavis,
Who came to mind but General Grievous!
He came on the Pez scene in 2005,
"Hello there!" I said when he finally arrived.

Life sure was sweet when Pez released Lando,
And a couple years later, along came our Mando!
And The Child was with him, 'twas so neatly planned,
And who do we have here? Well, it's Fennec Shand!

And let's not forget about that detailed tin,
In the shape of the splendid Millenium Falcon!
In 2017, it joined the Pez fun
Fresh off its win in that Kessel Run.

The giants! The POP Pez! So many, methinks!
A motorized Pez scene with Jar Jar Binks!
The holiday Grogus! The Disney 100s!
Will it ever end? I often have wondered.

These Star Wars dispensers were just a new hope
A long time ago, and far far away,
But now they are here, a Force of their own,
A beloved part of our Pez displays.

These Pez poems, along with the animated GIF below, are the newest additions to the Pezhead Monthly Star Wars page. Check it out!


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