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"Rubber Duck Pez"
To the tune of "Rubber Ducky" by Ernie
Copyright 2010 JoePez Publications

Oh, Rubber Duck Pez you're the one,
You make Pez collecting fun,
Rubber Duck Pez I'm glad that I found you

Rubber Duck Pez, stem of blue
Looks like there's water under you
Rubber Duck Pez, you're my favorite dispenser, it's true

Oh, every day I feel a close connection,
With a little fellow who's in that Pez collection
In the Easter section!

Rubber Duck Pez, don't you quack,
I'm gonna tilt your head right back
Rubber Duck Pez, candy springs from you

Oh, you may not be a chick or a choc'late bunny
But you're an Easter treasure bright and sunny,
You know it, honey

Rubber Duck Pez, filled with treats,
Fruity goodness for all to eat,
Rubber Duck Pez, you're my favorite dispenser, it's true

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